Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where are the instructions!?

It is Saturday morning, a rare silence has descended. Kendra, Kitoko, and Likabo are all asleep - it has been a whole 15 minutes. Dad and I are treading softly and there are theories a plenty in the air concerning the best way to encourage sleep to continue when small movements surface...

That didn't last long....

It is now around six in the evening. Late last night as I was getting up again it became clear that I needed to find some instructions and, with Amari lounging victoriously in my left arm, I searched for one of those books that Kendra wisely purchased with titles like, "Surviving Twins" and chapters like, "How to make sure you get one shower a week." A quick skimming of these instruction manuals is comforting, but the most common end-theme seems to be -- here are some ideas, give them a try, but remember you are dealing with strange infant creatures who can't be programed to be otherwise than what they are right now and the rest you pretty much have to figure out for yourself. Figuring it out has been a good bit of exhausting.

We have begun playing with schedules of this and schedules of that, which really aren't schedules at all but more like accounts of how often and how much Kitoko and Likabo do the things they do. Likabo, from what I can tell, seems to be a fairly good sleeper, especially after 2 or 3 ounces of formula. Kitoko on the other hand is often not willing to lay still, especially after 12:30 a.m., for more than 15 minutes without some tactile reassurance that all is well in the world.

My father left today so Kendra, Amari, Desmond and I have the whole place to ourselves much of the time. We had some fun talks today over skype with Cousin Sarah, Grandma Suzanne, Uncle Jon (Luke) and neighbors Stefanie, Jeremiah, Scarlett, and Mira.


  1. Looks like you both have your hands full with beautiful babies. I hope they are kind and let their parents sleep a little bit. :)

  2. For whatever it is worth, when I was there with the twins. I actually slept with Desmond in the sling on me at my side and he slept almost the whole night that way. I know that was weeks ago and probably won't help much now. But thought I should share that was the best way I found to get the most sleep just in case it might possibly offer you two some sleep. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful journey!

  3. We need to get this skype thing figured out on our end! Maybe at small group this week??? What's the time difference?

  4. My theory is you can do what they want and need, you can do what you want and need or you can compromise and do what they want and need.

    But what ever you do don't worry, it will change--and soon. The direction of the change? That's something else.

    Good Luck

  5. John says to tell you that you've got it all wrong--there are no instructions-the kids will get YOU trained over time--he should know Edith has him wrapped around her little finger!

  6. We are enjoying following your daily adventures. Peter likes seeing the pictures and wants to hold the twins! We would gladly loan you a three year old to hold the babies to aid your getting other jobs done! :) I have Skype and would love to arrange a time if possible to visit with all of you on a Sunday morning at SSF. Lets see - what time would that be for you? Oh yeah, what does time matter when you have twins - you're awake all hours anyway! :) May joy continue to sustain you in your exhaustion.
    Love and peace to you all.
    David Moser